Holiday Chaos

Holidays are kicking my butt!!!
My boyfriend and I got home late from our trip. We were out of state to visit his family for Thanksgiving. But we left on Sunday, thinking we would be beating a snow storm coming in. However, the storm came in faster than we were planning and we got stuck by the snow in the mountains. It’s okay, we’re fine. It gave us an extra day of just us together where we could relax and enjoy each others company. Our hotel room for the night was a bit of a nightmare, but now I laugh at it. The bed was stiff, the heater was built into the wall and clunked until it let out a terrifyingly loud bang that made you jump out of your skin every time [thank god they had a radiator], the water in the shower was mismarked for which was hot or cold, I blew the fuse running my blow dryer and had to turn off everything else in the room except for one light until I was done just to make sure I wouldn’t blow it again. It was horrible yet hiiiiiilarious!
After coming home, mom broke out the Christmas decorations and the house has exploded into a Victorian dream. For the first time ever, mom wanted to use my steampunk decorations around the house, mixed with some of her Victorian stuff. I had my decorations done on my own tree a few years ago, but was hidden away in the basement, so that I get to show off my favorite tree decorations this year makes me very happy and excited. I’ll be setting up another tree at my boyfriend’s house. Yay!
I’ve also done photos for my cousin for her engagement and for Christmas cards, so now I’m putting all my other projects on the back burner while I try to get the edits done for her so she can print and send out. I’ve been trying to work on that today, but after making a quick run to the store to see how the picture will print, I am finding that some of my borders don’t work out quite right and am having to rearrange everything all over again.
On top of all of that, I have a photoshoot all day on Sunday this weekend, and I FINALLY am getting my Jack Frost costume photographed. I’ve had it for a year now, with no proper photos or events that I’ve been able to go to for him. And with snow coming in tomorrow, I’m hoping some of it sticks around for pictures!
But can the season slow down please? Haha!

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