Last week, I didn’t get to share with you all some rather exciting news! And the news was already a week old by that time.

January 26th was my boyfriend’s and my 6th month anniversary. So we were going to do something extra special. We’re both very space nerdy, so we decided to spend our anniversary at the Denver Museum of Natural History and Science. We got tickets for a show at the planetarium, a show about the solar system. We spent quite a bit of time in the space section of the museum, at least once all the kids seemed to have filtered out of the place.


It seemed like wherever we went to try to escape children, they were close behind, being loud and obnoxious in their school groups. We would both turn to each other and grumble and roll our eyes as we quickly shuffled along. At one point in the gem exhibit, a child came up behind me and grabbed onto my purse. Scared the crap outta me. Apparently she thought I was her mom. Jon had to calm me down a little bit, because I was laughing hysterically and nervously.

The downside to the wonderful trip was that as soon as we walked in, we saw a sign that said the Dinosaur exhibit was going to be closed that day and the following day for cleaning and rehab. Little space being wilted like a flower and did the Darth Vader “Noooooo!” to the sky before moving on. It was upsetting, but there was something else interesting that caught both our attention. There was a new, temporary, mummy exhibit! It was about different kinds of mummies from around the world, the process of how they were mummified, why they were. And then the evolution of how we’ve examined the mummies over the years, from removing the wrappings and exposing the bodies beneath to the much better preserving ways with using x-rays and CAT scans. It was an interesting experience, especially as the two of us are very into the paranormal and we started feeling some strange things around us. We were sure there were some attachments to some of the mummies or items, but Jon made the point that the reason we weren’t getting strong hits on the ghost radar, despite our strong feelings, was because like everything in life, perhaps even in death a ghost can fade out of existence.

When we finished our escapade through the museum, we went to Red Lobster for dinner, where I stuffed myself on one of their largest plates, and tried crab. I usually only get to go once, maybe twice, a year to Red Lobster. No matter what, I still feel guilty, because the stuff I REALLY like usually are the expensive plates.

After dinner, we headed home, where he had a surprise for me. He sat me down at the counter and ran to the other room to grab something. He set down in front of me a scrapbook. Inside were pictures from the day we first met, and all of our times together. The movie ticket from our first date, the Lindsey Stirling concert that we went to, pictures of silly times together. And I got to the last page, that had a poem. As I was reading through the beautiful words on the page, it started to sink in what exactly was about to happen.

I knew it was going to happen. We had been talking about weddings for a while, plans and things like that. We knew we were going to get engaged eventually. He had even told me he had purchased a ring and was so worried about if I would like it.

As I turned the last page, there was a picture of him down on one knee with the ring in a box, and text around it that said “Will you marry me?” When I turned around to face him, he was already in the position, ring out and shining brightly under a little light in the ring box. It took both of us a second or two until anyone could talk. He finally mustered the words out, and I think all I could do was nod my head, I couldn’t even form words. If I did, they were extremely quiet. There was lots of crying and hugging, holding, and kissing.

The ring is a beautiful white gold band with lots of diamonds and sapphires, which is what he was worried about because sapphires are my birthstone, but not my favorite. When he was telling me it was sapphires, but not the design, I was trying to think of what it could be, or what the meaning behind the sapphires could be. And now that I was seeing it, it made so much more sense of why it had to be sapphires.


Not exactly TARDIS blue, but very very close. I couldn’t have been more excited about a ring and I love it to death. Sadly, it is kinda large-ish, so I can’t wear it to work. Instead I have to wear it on a chain so that I don’t damage it or get caught in something at work.

So that’s it! I’m engaged!! And very happily so this time. I had been engaged last year, but that was… well, the relationship was turning abusive in a few different ways. I have never been as happy as I am right now with this relationship than I ever have been. I can completely be myself without worrying about being judged, I can talk freely with him without worrying about being yelled at. We have fun, we have so much support from friends and family. Mom absolutely adores him. I think I have a good one here guys. ❤



One thought on “Engaged!

  1. SUPER MAGNIFICENT! Love his truly memorable proposal and wish you the greatest joy and happiness always! And when you are ready to plan your wedding …let me know if you are looking for an officant or planner.
    Mary Jean Valente
    A Ceremony of the Heart


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