Moving and Job

I had planned an actual blog for today based off of an article I started to read the other day, but I never got to finish it because I was far too busy.

In the last week or so, I’ve quit my old job and gotten a new one. I had been at McDonald’s for the last nine years, and slowly over the years, the store that I had been working at was falling to pieces, more so over the last few months. I had outlived 3 store managers since I got there, and I can’t recall a single manager that was still there from when I started. There were maybe only two regular crew people that were there when I started, but so many people lately had been talking about quitting because the conditions of the store were getting that bad. That was part of why I left the store. It was getting to the point that I was being taken advantage of because of my knowledge in POP from before I worked in the stores. And the fact that it was nearly impossible to communicate problems to the store manager. Another reason I left was because I was moving in with my fiancé. It would have been a thirty minute commute to work every day, and I was not getting paid enough to travel that far, not when I was barely making a dollar more than new employees, despite how long I had been working there.

I had put out several applications online, and was waiting desperately until I heard back from SOMEONE I had applied for a local coffee shop [who had a quick interview with me, but needed someone for times that I was unable to work], Michaels craft stores, Einstein Brother’s, Starbucks, Tokyo Joe’s… I applied for one store on each day off. So some of the locations, I had applications in for quite a while. I wasn’t hearing back from places and started getting worried. I had gotten a call from Einstein’s but the location that I had applied for already filled the position I was wanting and it was a different location asking if I’d be interested in joining there. Except it was about the same distance away as my job at McDonald’s.

Finally, I had gotten a phone call from Starbucks! I was super excited about that possibility, because I really like working with coffee. I had gone in for an interview, and the lady really liked me, however they have a process of doing two interviews and then talking it out before actually hiring. I wasn’t super excited about that idea, because I just wanted a quick yes or no, and it wasn’t the location I wanted, but the store was nice and an easy drive to get to. So I waited for the second interview. While I waited, I got a phone call from Tokyo Joe’s that I had just put an application in for a day or two prior. The first call I missed and called back to make an appointment the same day as my second Starbucks interview. The second Starbucks interview went a lot faster and seemed to go great. So it was a matter of waiting for the two managers to touch base with each other and then wait a couple days to hear back from them.

So I went on to my Tokyo Joe’s interview. I walked into the location and asked for the manager, and literally every employee stopped and stared at me with wide eyes because I was at the wrong location. The problem was, when they called for the interview, and even when I called back, they never specified the location, so I assumed it was for the location that I had originally applied for, which is just a few blocks down from the apartment I’m living at. The hiring manager at their store called the other and while they were waiting to hear from them, turned to me and asked if it was a deal breaker for me to work at the other store, which I had no idea where it was. I told them I preferred this location because of its proximity to home. The manager was very pleased, because while on the phone, he was looking up my profile on the website. My days and hours I asked for availability were EXACTLY what he needed. After getting off the phone, he interviewed me really quick, and said he’d give the other manager a call back in order to steal me from him. While in my interview, the head of the kitchen came bounding over and plopped down to join us.

Within an hour, I got a phone call back that the other manager was allowing them to take me instead. And I was hired! I had been panicking so much about not being able to get a job fast enough after quitting McDonald’s [at the time of being hired, I still had a couple days until my last day]. I had gotten lucky in the past that the three jobs that I have had all kind of fell into my lap. And I think I just happened to get lucky with Tokyo Joe’s.

Between quitting McDonald’s and going to all the interviews, I’ve been slowly moving things over from my parents’ house to my fiancé’s apartment. After my last day at my old job, things went fast. Mom was eager to help get things moved out and over since Jon recently had surgery and couldn’t exactly lift anything. Everything is almost moved over right now. It’s kinda crazy. And I have a week until we leave for my cousin’s wedding in Vegas! It’s been chaos.

And on top of all the good news, because how can so much good happen without a little bad. Last weekend, I was at the apartment the whole time because Jon had just had surgery. This last Sunday, mom texted me that my kitty back at home wasn’t doing too good. And I thought at first maybe she just was feeling a little under the weather. It was far worse than I could have imagined. My kitten was just under 17 years old. She’s always been tiny, but in the last year, she’s been feeling skinnier than usual. For the last year, I had been trying to prepare myself. I kept on imagining just waking up one morning and she would have gone in her sleep somewhere in one of her corners where she normally hides out. I got home Sunday night and she was lying in an old dog bed in the kitchen, barely moving. I touched her and immediately lost it. She was nothing but skin and bones. She barely reacted to my touch. Usually, she would perk her head up and give a little trill before going back to sleep. She barely lifted her head, barely opened her eyes to look at me. I picked her up, terrified of breaking her in the process, so that I could place her on the counter to see her a little easier. I was a complete mess, because this wasn’t a life… it was barely holding on. Mom said she lost control of her bladder and peed all over the couch earlier in the day. She was having trouble walking, mom suspected she might have had a stroke. When I could get her to look at me, her eyes seemed a little distant. I couldn’t stand to see her like this. I knew what had to be done.

Monday I worked, and it was my last day at my store [which complete and utter hell, the worst last day I could imagine a person ever having, but I digress…], and when I got home, mom, Jon, and I bundled her up into a blanket and took her to the shelter where they would put her to sleep. I wanted to be there with her when she drifted off, because I didn’t want her to be alone, I didn’t want her to think I abandoned her, but they told me they didn’t allow people to go back with them. I started crying all over again and just held her and cried on her and kissed her, telling her how much I loved her and was going to miss her.

Before we left, I clipped a piece of her fur and put it into a small jewelry jar. I have it on a necklace and don’t really take it off so that she can be with me always. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t break down when I thought about her. And of course I’m crying as I type this, so forgive me if things seem a little jumbled.

She was my baby. I had her since she was only a few weeks old or so. Despite having tried to prepare myself for her passing, I never could have. I haven’t had to say goodbye to a pet in years, so it was extremely difficult. I don’t look forward to having to do this again with my three dogs, as they are all getting up in age as well.

So… that’s that. That’s what has been going on with me in the last week. It’s a lot, chaotic, and I have barely been able to sit down for a moment to think. Hopefully things can start to slow down soon and I can get back on track with everything else that I had going on before.



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