New Job

I don’t have a very proper blog this week as I have been kind of busy getting ready for my new job! I’m a week and a half in and I am loving it. You all might remember my previous blog talking about all the applications I was putting out and that the job I did get was kind of by happy accident.

I started at Tokyo Joe’s last Monday, and even then there was still some strange drama because sometime between getting hired and actually starting work, they had a change in their application system online and my information was lost. So I had to redo the application online through a different website. And even when I was done and told the managers they need to finish their paper/computer work on their side, it wasn’t going through. It took almost the full first week until things were finally fixed. By the following Monday, I had my employee number.

My first couple of days were spent running food out to tables, which was a little nerve wracking at first. I was quickly told the menu and had a very quick taste test of the different sauces, but nothing really had time to sink in, so I was just going off of the veggie choices I was seeing on tickets to distinguish what dish was what to start with. It was even scarier because my first day, higher ups were in the store and trying to help me. I was soooo overwhelmed that first day. The next day, I finally remembered to actually grab one of their to-go menus to study while I was at home. I was starting to recognize the different sauces, so I tested myself on that after a couple of days. One of my last days on the first week, I finally got to learn register.

It seemed so backwards to me, because at my old job at McDonald’s we had people learn how to do hashbrowns or  fries before working on the register, and then when they were familiar with that, we taught them how to bag or tray food. I wanted to get on register the first day, because I thought it would be easier to know the differences between each of the bowls by doing it that way. But after the time that I’ve spent so far, I realized that would have been a horrible mistake. There are some steps that I have skipped on the orders the first day or two that I was on it, because the system is a little strange. It’s so much nicer and easier than McDonald’s was because it’s one main screen, and not ten different ones that you have to jump through to find what you are looking for. I’m still a little anxious about taking a phone order because I have such a hard time hearing on the phone.

An awesome thing did happen yesterday though! As I was out in the patio cleaning up some bowls, I overheard a man and woman talking about books and events. I was trying really hard to not eavesdrop, but it was also really hard not to. When I came out a second time a little later to follow up with customers, I asked a little what they were talking about, if they were writers. The man was, and asked a little about what I was working on and if I was planning on being published. I told him I was working on the cover, but told me that an agent would help take care of that for me. I gave him my card before getting back to work. I’m excited and a little nervous. So here’s hoping to see if maybe something comes out of this!


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