Anomaly Con

If you haven’t guessed by now, steampunk holds a very special place in my heart. Seven years ago, Colorado got its first steampunk convention called Anomaly Con, but it wasn’t until last year that I finally got to attend. Why? Mostly because I didn’t know about it the first couple years, and then it seemed that it would sneak up on me. Friends would ask me “are you going?!” about one week before the con, and I wouldn’t have any time to get something together as I was already working on projects, or just couldn’t get the time off to attend. Last year, after a bad break up, I said “fuck it” and decided to finally attend and have fun because I deserved it after some of the hell I was going through.

I premiered a new robot makeup look that year, and it went over like crazy. People loved it! It was something no one had ever really seen done before. Which, to me, was a shocker, as it was a steampunk convention, and what is more steampunk than an old fashioned looking robot? I found that even though people knew who the band Steam Powered Giraffe was, that apparently no one else who attended cons had thought about actually trying their hand at the makeup. Being a part of the fandom on tumblr, I was used to seeing “fanbots” (the term used for fans who paint themselves up like the band) all the time. It was weird to not see anyone else doing it. So I decided that was going to be my thing to do at the steampunk cons from now on.

This is the band’s most recent look. They have evolved a lot over the years.

Another reason Anomaly con is so important to me is because it’s where I met my fiancé. A year later, neither one of us thought that we’d be at this point. It was a complete chance meeting, and we both were recovering from abusive relationships. Despite that both of us are pretty shy people, we were able to talk the Saturday night of the convention and quickly became friends. There hasn’t been a day since our first meeting that we haven’t talked. So, when we found out that this year was going to be their final year, it was so very important to both of us that we get to attend. I was lucky enough that when I switched jobs, my hours are Monday through Friday, no later than 3pm. So we got to attend the whole weekend, and stay at the hotel. Saturday, I went robot again, and even painted my fiancé up in his first robot design. We were a big hit! People LOVED the makeup, the creativity, the application, details, everything! I have gotten used to the attention with a job well done. My fiancé… well this was a first for him. He’s used to going to conventions and asking people for their pictures. He’s not used to being asked for a picture. I’m definitely going to be breaking him of that! All the costumes!

Overall, it was an amazing weekend. The first day, I dressed in my Fireball Faerie outfit (though minus the wings and bottle of Fireball), the second day was the robot looks and then a watered down version of my pirate outfit when my wig started bothering me and my back started itching, the final day was a pirate for me and my fiancé was The Doctor.

We’re a little saddened that the con is over and never to return, but we learned on the last day of con from one of the vendors that a new convention is going to be taking its place next year! We’re thrilled to check it out! I was so hoping to have a table at the convention, but as it is a couple months before when we were thinking of having our wedding, we’ll just be attendees next year, get a feel for what the convention is like, and perhaps the second year we’ll see about getting a booth and/or panel.

Now that all the chaos is over of the convention, I can finally get back to my old work. I took some time away from working on the dress in order to find pieces for Jon’s costume for the weekend and to test out the makeup, and also deal with a photoshoot that I had the weekend before. I am down to the final details of the dress and I couldn’t be more excited. Looking at it pinned on me the other day, I almost started crying. After how much hell that bodice was giving me, it finally was coming together and it looked amazing.


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