Hey everyone.

I know, it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me. A month, in fact. Where have I been all this time? Well, extremely busy. Sadly, nothing to do with writing or the upcoming book. Which I have some sad news about for now…

Last month, my fiancé and I started getting things squared away for our wedding next year. We’ve been visiting venues, checking out vendors. All the crazy things. We were very upset with our first choice venue being SOOOO expensive. We were hoping we could get the Botanic Gardens after meeting a very adorable couple there last year who was getting married. The venue itself was over $8k, and didn’t include much of anything, which really sucks because our budget is $10k. They also had a sound ordinance, because it would be during their normal hours, when normal guests would be at the garden, and they wouldn’t want any of our music or whatever to interfere with the other guests. We also would have had to pay for a whole second venue spot in the gardens [there are multiple areas to choose from] if there was weather of any kind and the ceremony had to be moved indoors. We could only use their caterers, which isn’t included in that $8k package.. yeah. Not good.

There were a few other places on our list and some of them we quickly checked off when we looked at their websites again because it just wasn’t the look we were going for. We did finally hit one of the venues that I was particularly fond of because it was a Victorian house. Though it was far away, I was very much in love with it. The nice thing… it was cheap! Well, as cheap as a wedding venue can come. Since a lot of our vendors and such were taken care of already, including that my fiancé and I would be making our own invites and StD cards, a lot of money was bumped off the price of our package, which brought us to a grand total of just over $5.2k! We have plenty of money left over to work out our other details and such. It was such a big relief to me! The venue is also helping with organizing a lot of our things and I just.. dang. I can’t even express how stress-free I am now that the venue is booked.

Before all the crazy happened, we had gone to a wedding expo to start getting information about vendors and… literally everything we could get our hands on, in order to prepare. It was insanely overwhelming but fun at the same time. We met a lot of people, a handful of funny, geeky people that we really hoped we could work with. But it is what started the downfall in me.

That night I started having nightmares. I would dream about making contact with one set of vendors, say photographers, and nothing was working out. I’d wake up in a panic, try to go back to sleep, and dream about another set of vendors and the same thing would happen. Over and over and over again all that one night. It set me into the worst panic about preparations that I had never had before. I started freaking out that we were not getting anything ready on time, especially since nearly every wedding checklist/countdown always seemed to start about 16 or 18 months before the wedding. We were already several months behind since we were originally planning on an early May wedding! My butt kicked into gear and started putting our personal notebook together, going through contacts like crazy, price checking EVERYTHING and worrying even more because everything was so expensive!!! How in the world were we going to be able to get away with a wedding maxing out at $10k?!

I started posting about my worries on my personal facebook page, and several of my photographer friends jumped up to plate to help out. One is going to be our officiant, the only price he is asking is that he gets added to the drinking tab for the wedding party. Another is offering to be our DJ at a GREAT price, considering some of the DJs we were looking at were several thousand dollars, some were even almost our entire budget, again. Other friends that were recently married jumped onto the photographer bandwagon with suggesting a certain photographer who has great work and on the cheaper side. Jon and I were checking out florists the other day, and ultimately decided we’d design the bouquets and such ourselves because using fake flowers and putting it together ourselves would be cheaper, plus I could keep my bouquet after the wedding for ever and ever! Next week we are having a meeting with the possible photographer and sign our contracts!

No joke, our schedule last month was insanely full. There were maybe five days that things weren’t planned. I’ve been trying to think of ways to save money, since my second job didn’t work out at all. It’s going to be time to start looking again soon, and hopefully I can find something that will allow me to only work just a few hours a day, during the week, not weekends.

So, on that note… It’s why I haven’t been posting blogs. I haven’t been able to do anything regarding the book or anything. I never heard back from the agent I reached out to, so I don’t think she liked the book. I have mixed feelings about being relieved because I can still self-publish, and a little nervous because I’m not sure what that will mean about how people will take my book. Because I haven’t been able to work on things, and I’m honestly not sure when I’ll be able to with how crazy things are going to be getting these next several months/year, work on Bloody Notes has been postponed indefinitely. It also means the upkeep of this blog is probably going to slip, like it has been the last month. I won’t be getting around to posting as often as I used to be. And even if I do, it might just be about how planning is going.


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