Moving and Job

I had planned an actual blog for today based off of an article I started to read the other day, but I never got to finish it because I was far too busy. In the last week or so, I’ve quit my old job and gotten a new one. I had been at McDonald’s for […]

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Last week, I didn’t get to share with you all some rather exciting news! And the news was already a week old by that time. January 26th was my boyfriend’s and my 6th month anniversary. So we were going to do something extra special. We’re both very space nerdy, so we decided to spend our […]

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Broken Families

One of the challenges I had to tackle while writing Bloody Notes, and will have to continue to develop as The Leviathan Mysteries continues, is how to write a broken family. Something I noticed recently, with considering some of my past works that I never finished, is that there are two outcomes for the main […]

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A Tomboy in Victorian London

One of the things that will be evident almost immediately when you read Bloody Notes is that Vanessa isn’t your typical woman, especially for the Victorian era. Vanessa doesn’t like to abide by societal norms. She absolutely detests corsets, because it makes it difficult to breathe when run around and being active, which she likes […]

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Falling Behind.

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to give you all updates of what’s been going on with the process for Bloody Notes. Sad to say, I did not meet my original deadline due to complications… You see, originally, I wanted to get the cover made up and […]

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Writing Process

The holidays have made it a little difficult to get around to writing a blog. I’m currently writing this on one of my off days, where I stayed home from work due to a bloody nose that kept coming back. Kind of dangerous in a work environment that has food. And since I didn’t want […]

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Holiday Chaos

Holidays are kicking my butt!!! My boyfriend and I got home late from our trip. We were out of state to visit his family for Thanksgiving. But we left on Sunday, thinking we would be beating a snow storm coming in. However, the storm came in faster than we were planning and we got stuck by the […]

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